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Avante Dynamic Lash Serum

Avante Dynamic Lash Serum

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Our New formulation Ingredients - 2ml only

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Oligopeptide 1: Also known as ‘epidermal growth factor’ stimulates the hair follicles to strengthen the hairs and hair shafts
  • Arginine: Supports the lashes throughout the growth phase and protects them from environmental damage
  • Essential amino acids and anti-oxidants: Contribute to the formation of keratin and collagen, preventing DHT (hair loss) and boosting hair growth
  • Helichrysum Stoechas Extract: Provides stimulating regenerative properties to the lash follicles thus promoting stronger hair growth
  • Polygonum Multi-florum Extract: Supports the natural function of the lash growth cycle by inducing the growth phase of the hair follicle

Results: Noticeable from as little as 4 weeks with full growth achievable within 12 weeks of regular use

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